Digital Marketing That Actually Helps You Grow

Midnight Marketing has the know-how and tools to handle all of your digital marketing needs. Sit back and let us get you more leads and sales — it’s as simple as that.

For Small Businesses

At Midnight Marketing, we are passionate about helping small business owners. Whether we’re empowering you to understand your marketing goals and campaigns better, or taking the work off your hands, we have your back.

Midnight Marketing was founded by a small business owner who couldn’t find the right fit in a marketing agency, so she created one herself. We know what you’re going through, and we can help.

What We Do For You


We provide a customized CRM for your business, including two-way text, reputation management, lead database, and automation — this way, you never lose touch with your customers and leads.


Through long-term search engine optimization strategies, we improve your website and online presence, so new and current customers can find you on the first page of search engines.d leads.


Pay-per-click ads can be an affordable way to get new leads through search engines and build your brand awareness, putting your brand right at the top. We build your PPC campaigns on Google Adwords and optimize them constantly to ensure they’re working ideally.

Social Media Marketing

With an audience of billions, social media is a powerful tool for your business. We create Facebook Ads campaigns that find your perfect audience and engage them with dynamic visuals and copy.

Reputation Management

How your customers (and potential customers) perceive your business can have a huge effect on your sales. We make sure that perception is positive with our reputation management services, using social listening tools and quick responses to improve your brand’s reputation.

Website Design

We create your website with your digital marketing campaigns in mind: a beautiful, well-designed, and functional website will always convert your visitors better. All our websites are responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly.

Content Writing

Content is a crucial part of your online marketing efforts: it keeps your customers engaged, makes for a better website, and improves your SEO. Whatever kind of content you need done, Midnight Marketing can write it for you.

Take Charge of Your Marketing

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