4 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

May 24, 2021
Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can include both paid advertising on social media and organic social media posting. Although organic posting can have benefits, paid social media like Facebook Ads is more effective in targeting and converting users. But what are the benefits of social media marketing?

Why Should You Do Social Media Marketing?

For now, we’re going to explore social media marketing specifically on Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is a powerful social media marketing platform because it has over a billion active users and it allows you to target a narrow set of people within that wide audience. Social media marketing specifically through Facebook Ads helps your business grow because:

1. It Increases Brand Awareness And Authority

When your business isn’t very well known, it’s hard to get people to buy from you, because they haven’t built trust in your business and product yet. Facebook Ads can target people who don’t follow you yet, unlike organic posts, which only reach your followers. You can target an audience that doesn’t know you, but who would be likely to buy from you, and increase their knowledge of your brand.

2. It Reaches New Audiences

As we mentioned, Facebook Ads is a great way to reach new customers beyond your current followers and fans. Through Lookalike Audiences, you can create audiences for your ads that are similar to people who’ve bought from you before, so you’re more likely to turn these new audiences into sales.

3. It Drives Traffic To Your Site

Social media marketing helps you get more visitors to your site. You can (and should) link your ads to your website, so that customers buy from your site. Although platforms like Facebook and Instagram now let you buy in-app, it’s better to drive customers to your site, where they’ll get a more customized user experience. They’ll also boost your site’s traffic and impressions.

4. It Increases Conversions And Sales

Advertising your product through Facebook Ads and other social media platforms can increase conversions if that’s your goal — which it should be Benefits Of Social Media Marketing. You can effectively leverage social media ads to get your product in front of customers when they’re not necessarily thinking about it or looking to buy. Make them a great offer and follow up with more ads, and your sales will go up.

Grow Through Social With Midnight Marketing

Social media is a powerful place to grow your business, and Midnight Marketing wants to help you do just that. We create strategic social media marketing campaigns that put your brand in front of new audiences and sell your product to the right people.

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