What is Clubhouse? (The next social media App)

January 27, 2021
What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media App mainly voice-based that allows its users to talk around the world, develop ideas, tell their stories, deepen their friendships, and meet new people with similar interests. Clubhouse remained a prestigious gift for the users during the global pandemic. This app was developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and Rohan Seth In 2014.  Why Clubhouse might be the next big social media app? 

What is Clubhouse all about?

Users can enter into  rooms in-app to listen and participate in the conversation. They can see who else is there, and they can see their profiles as well. Since its launch during the lockdown measures, its popularity has increased tenfold. 

Rapid Connections:

What is your opinion about the possibilities, that is it a great opportunity? Since so much of this platform is about your voice, it’s a powerful way to make business connections. Instead of exchanging cards, people check your Instagram or Twitter account, and the audio conversations are going on there.

Human Engagement:

Hey, buddies Clubhouse opens group discussions on different topics by engaging humans. It’s not unusual for people to share their failures with their successes.

True Virality:

When someone you follow jumps up on a stage, the app will notify you in a simple but compelling way—even if your phone is locked. If you click on the notification, you will instantly join the room as a passive listener.

Just Voice:

The big thing that stops people from embracing live video is to turn the camera on. With this live audio app, the barrier is removed. This means that no matter how you look, you can join the conversation.

Podcast communities:

As Clubhouse stays in private beta, but once the app is public, you can use Clubhouse clubs to build podcast-related communities without having to add a lot of content creation and slide to keep your society affianced between episodes.

Benefits :

Advertising opportunities are likely to develop over time. Advertisers should wait and watch the growth of Clubhouse to see if it attracts their target audiences and offers benefits to their brands, Clubhouses are a great way to socialize. It provides

  • Recreation at its finest. 
  • Ensure the safety of children, too. 
  • Cultivate reading habits.
  • Encourage the community to live. …
  • Unravel the life of luxury.


There is a lack of features in several areas in agile project management software. Completion dates, no project budgeting or hourly rates, time tracking, custom fields, and dependencies.


Most of the questions about Clubhouse will not be answered until the Clubhouse App is public. With the loss of exclusivity, however, comes the ability to build communities that are easy to manage and engage with without adding to the already crowded editorial calendar. So it’s going to be exciting to see what happens to the app in the future. 

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